Be the smash hit of the tech fair 


Create a truly immersive experience


Impress your most discerning clients 

Whether you are looking for a standout brand video or to be a smash hit at the Tech fair, our near space 360° and Virtual Reality videos are guaranteed to wow. With Virtual Reality at the cutting edge of immersive technology, how better to showcase your brand than a 360° VR journey to near space.

Our unparalleled 360° footage can give your audience the experience of floating 100,000 feet above the ground. We use digital pan-roll-tilt technology to create dynamic footage, with minimal CGI. Our specialized cameras shoot 5.2K 30FPS footage in the full 360° range, meaning there are no distracting stitch lines and imperfections. We can help you create a flawless, fully immersive experience that will impress even the most selective clients every time.