Computer Aided Design and 3D modelling


Advanced manufacturing including novel additive and subtractive CNC technologies


Bespoke electronics and software for practical effects


Environmental optimisation of existing hardware

The key to any great plan is the design, which is central to everything we do. Here at Sent Into Space, we have specialists in mechanics, aerospace, electronics, and software ready to tackle all any engineering challenge. 

When it comes to marketing from near space, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  With the help of computer-aided design, 3D modeling and advanced manufacturing including novel additive and subtractive CNC technologies in-house, we are ready to prototype and produce the equipment needed to make your vision a reality. Our team’s experience equips them to overcome the immense hostilities of near space to produce spectacular footage for your brand. 

Some of our best projects include triggering an action in near space, in front of the camera at high altitude. You can showcase the functionality of your product from spaces as we use techniques to optimize your existing technology for the extremes of near space while keeping the aesthetics.  You can also control your product in flight from the comfort of our offices with a secure two-way telemetry command and control system. 

If you can dream it up, we can make it a reality and if we cannot meet the challenge in-house, we have expert contractors we can bring in the achieve the visual and technical results you’re looking for.