If two well-known companies offer the same product, their marketing schemes might be completely different because no two companies will ever have identical marketing needs. We analyse every client to create a tailor-made package to satisfy any need. We work with companies that have a huge global following, those just entering the market hoping to make a big splash, and established companies that need an image make-over. One important task we do is to gauge what you already have and supplement that with stunning images from space or start from scratch to get the impressive results your company needs and deserves.

We know that our reputation depends on your results and with over 500 flights under our belt we have the best equipment and processes to ensure every launch goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve never lost a payload, and we continue to develop and improve our craft as we have done since our very first launch. We also believe in peace of mind for our clients, so we are the only company in the world with full insurance for commercial space balloon flight. If something does go wrong, we’ll relaunch for free.



Unbeatable realtime engagement

Broadcasting live in full 1080p HD video from the edge of space on social media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch will give you the maximum organic reach and unfiltered interactions with your biggest fans and followers.

360 & VR

Immerse your audience in your message

Capture the full majesty of the Earth in space, 100,000 feet above sea level, with our cutting-edge 360° camera technology, supported with Virtual Reality (VR) graphics.


Truly global launch capabilities

Walt Disney was wrong. It's not a "Small, Small World", it's a huge world with diversity beyond belief. Our job is to make the world appear smaller so you can connect with local audience from wherever and whenever you need to launch.


Everything behind the camera

The last thing you need to worry about is a DHS or FAA agent paying you a visit asking about that unidentified weather balloon hovering over your place of business. We'll take care of securing launch clearances, insurance, flight path predictions and planning. We cover all the technical stuff so you can focus on results.


Idea generation, strategic planning and asset production

While we are enthusiastic about the technologies of weather balloon flights, we are also a full-service marketing agency with an in-house creative team that will cover everything from dedicated behind-the-scenes filming, to CAD animation, and the generation of creative ideas.


Design and advanced manufacturing to support your launch

Creative ideas and awe-inspiring artistry are vital, but Engineers make the moving parts work flawlessly. Our dedicated engineering and technical teams work in tandem with our creative team, from the drawing board to the manufacturing of custom parts, electronics, software and launch vehicles.


Cinematic shots to complement your flight footage

If a drone can deliver a pizza, our FAA-approved certified pilots and insured drones can certainly go above and beyond to get the perfect footage for your project. Our fleet of specialist drone equipment is a great alternative to our weather balloon systems for lower altitude projects.


Share the launch experience

People are always looking to gather and witness a unique event, so why not bring them together for an unforgettable launch day experience? It will energise your guests and showcase the human side of your brand as you interact during the launch. 


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