Reach the top of the news feed


Engage new audiences


Turn existing followers into ambassadors

Advances in smartphones, high-definition technology and the explosion of social media have combined to make Livestreaming from space the ultimate experience for any audience. Once the exclusive realm of the top 1% or NASA, Sent Into Space allows you to broadcast your message from the edge of space direct to viewers on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch with less than a minute of latency. 


Communicating directly with your audience is the very definition of organic so the potential to reach a massive number of people interested in your brand is now within your grasp. With every social media platform competing for dominance, this is your chance to let their algorithms work for you to create that authentic personal relationship and make a lasting positive impression to many people, all at the same time.

The best thing is that we do all the work! We will assign our social media engineer to work with you alone or with your team to ensure that you get a quality connection. In addition, we manage the audio aspects of the broadcast along with any feedback from your audience. To learn more about how to plan and bring about your livestreaming launch, contact us today!