End-to-end campaign support and idea generation

Platform optimised assets

3D animation, motion graphics, digital and practical effects

Behind-the-scenes videos and additional content

At Sent Into Space, we offer end-to-end campaign support from idea generation to releasing the final product to the world. Whether you’re launching a new product or giving your existing offering a new lease of life, Sent Into Space can make it happen. 

Our in-house capabilities combined with those of top-level freelancers and partners mean we also offer any and all services of a traditional marketing agency as well as our near-space experience. Whether you have an existing marketing plan to work to, just need the raw footage or want to be guided through the end-to-end process we can offer the expertise you need. 

Allow us to help you take your marketing to new heights with our one of a kind storyboarding, video editing and visual effects which are managed through the Adobe Suite, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, LightRoom, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This ensures your digital assets can be optimized to any platform for the best results. Also, our behind-the-scenes documentary videos, filmed on cinema-quality cameras and a fleet of drones, help prolonged your campaign. 

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