Are you an R & D person wanting to test the limits of your gadget or need some high-altitude data from the stratosphere? Sent Into Space has a platform for high-altitude research where we can expose equipment to temperatures and pressures of space much faster than in a lab. Not only can the stratosphere be your high flying leakproof low pressure chamber, think of the time saved to access an Earth-bound chamber and the money saved on repairs, wiring and testing they require.



Burial at sea or scattering the ashes of the dearly departed into the salty waters are time-honored traditions for those who served in the Navy or simply loved to be in their sailboat or yacht. Our Aura Flights service now allows aviators a similar option: To have their ashes scattered into the stratosphere to eventually encircle the globe. It is a fitting memorial and a great way to find closure for those they leave behind.