Generating positive attention for our client's brand is the lofty goal, both figuratively and literally, of every project we take on. Each project, large or small, requires a unique and personal approach because no two projects are alike, and no two audiences are alike.

Our clients are impressed with the knowledge we have amassed with over 500 launches, but we are hungry for new challenges. We marvel at the inventiveness of our clients and are often surprised by what they bring to the table of ideas. If you need some inspiration, check out a few examples of our work below.

All our projects start with a consultation to develop a shared understanding of your market and how your brand differentiates itself to customers, so any work we do on your behalf is sure to align with your brand identity. 

Working with a huge multinational corporation who have established distribution channels for their content means producing top-of-the-line assets for a variety of platforms, while providing support to a small company with limited internal capacity might require more focus on developing a release strategy, focusing on PR and awareness-building. Meanwhile, working with an agency on behalf of a third-party client means every project has to win over internal decisionmakers before it ever reaches an audience, so presenting a clear creative vision right from the start is key. And all of that says nothing about the engineering required for each project!

Filming the world's first 8k video in space for Samsung

Trailer drop for YouTube Premium show Origin

To infinity and beyond for eBay and Disney Pixar

Sony Music Group and Kelvin Jones' viral music video

Finding space on Earth for Rohingya refugees

Barbie & STEM Camp inspire future female astronauts

Making art out of heartbreak with Sophie Mollins

The pie seen around the world

Putting HyperX on the podium

KOVEN's mind-bending 360° EP release video



“I’ve been waiting for an email like this my whole life. The closest I’ll ever get to space!”


Ben Cochran - Creative Lead for Origin