Scientific space research and development in the stratosphere

You never know how anything will work until you test it and a true test means subjecting your item to its physical limits. To learn how your equipment responds to low air pressures and extreme cold, let Sent Into Space take it for a ride up to the stratosphere. 


The people at Sent Into Space simply love science and the understanding of how our world works. Our founders are PhDs in mechanical engineering and our team of affiliates includes professors and PhDs from a wide range of scientific disciplines like nanoparticle manipulation to astro-biology.

Our expertise and experience will prove invaluable if you need to capture data and atmospheric samples, stress test your equipment to its limits or as a platform for high altitude research or testing satellite components.   


The cost of duplicating low Earth orbit conditions in an earthbound laboratory can be prohibitive for any company with limited financial resources. Our Near Space flights offer true environmental conditions for CubeSats and other miniature satellites for much less cost. We strive for a rapid turnaround time and flexibility for any change that may occur in a development cycle.  We use avionics and novel aerospace materials with NASA TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) of 3 through 7. 


Our scientists are qualified in a wide range of laboratory-based testing such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), spectroscopy and statistical modeling. We have worked with research organizations across the globe who perform fundamental atmospheric research that pushes forward the forefront of our current understanding of the stratosphere. Our areas of operation include low Earth observation for agricultural monitoring, particulate sample capture for geology and microbiology, solar activity and aeronomics, climate monitoring and climate change research. 



Creating the right electrical and structural components for any high-altitude application is key to any research project. With over 500 successful flights our in-house engineers can design, develop and build almost anything that might be needed. We work closely with our extended contacts to develop sensor arrays, remote-operated mechanisms and onboard software for accurate, rapid and reliable results. If you need help to literally get your project off the ground, contact Sent Into Space to speak with one of our engineers or other technical staff. 


Get in touch and speak directly with one of our engineers to begin your project.